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By: koolc

Page 1, LOST LOVE AND PAIN Oh how i curse this day,

Lost Love,and pain,

Oh how i curse this day cuz my love has gone away, yes i've live,love and lost love, but not like this,no more smile hug or kisss,i am hurt and piss,

she stole my heart, ripped and tear it apart,like wasted arts,now its only scattered painful memories of yesterday,oh how i feel betrayed,now i wish for the rain,to wash it all away,and leaveno remaind,

oh how i curse this day,i wish it would never stay in my memories,of yesterday, my heart, bleeds like an open wound,oh she's gone too soon, its bringing me down,my laughter is now a frown,my world turn upside down,

she's no longer around,No more laughter, no more sound,or comfort in her clutching tight arms,part of me is missing. My soul is drunken, sunken in sorrows, hallow and empty, she is gone,she is out of my life,and it cuts like,

the blade of a knife,oh please make this pain, subside,cuz it hurts,so bad I curse this day,my soul is so a shame,i may never see my love again, so let it rain,its for lost love and pain,no love nothing to gain

no money forturneor fame could replaceher heart again, so let it rain.cuz i hate this awful must be bad luck i lost my love again.

oh did i? ahahahaahaahaha

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