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love don't care for me

By: koolc

Page 1, love dont care for me,

love don't care for me,

sometimes i feel like a fish in the ocean, i can swim anywhere, but trueth betold, i think i've lost my soul.

im loney for passion and love, i tried to hide my feelings,but im too afriad to let go,maybe im a dreamer,this i know.

I wish for love,but(no one seems to care,even if they hear these words i swear,no one seems to don't love me.anymore. oh how the days,

seems so long, when u've got no place to go, often times i cried inside,trying to hide my fading pride,When ur on top there are many, but when ur at the bottom there,

just isn't any. they judge you,mock u,and then cast u aside.(no one seems to care even if they hear these words i swear, no one seems to care,love don't live here anymore,

could it be that i;ve lost all faith,maybe im a victum,of circumstances, nothing to live for, No money, no honey, no love,no care,people are so cold,beware,trueth betold,maybe im too much like my father,

oh too much like my mother, or maybe im just too old fashion. maybe i need compassion,i might aswel go else where,cuz dieing is too easy and living is so dam hard, in a fetus position,u may find me.

feeble,and humble as my world crumbling,down around me, im so weak,I almost stumble,why speak. cuz no one seems to care even if they hear these words i swear, love dont love me, what about u? ?.

love don't care for me,anymore

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