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By: koolc

Page 1, MAd, the world has gone mad,


The world has gone mad,lust sex secrets and lies, darken souls, and curious eyes, maddness, Pain sorrows and hoplessness.

The world has gone mad,evil thoughts,mesmerize,with themselves,and so they glorify, and embress suspicious wicked behavior, cold hearts and deeds,

The world has gone mad,thier food of choice is corruptions,misinterpretations,killing and radical practices, on the hills to the valleys,

The world has gone mad, intoxicate with the poison of vanity,indulging a kind of narcissistic,ways and practices,me, my self and I,

The world has gone mad,there desire for power, and greed,grows excessively each and everyday,

The world has gone mad,thirsty for blood. narcissism ways and practices, everyone one wants to be in charge,

money hungry, thirst fo power and money,greed,and shame,guilt and sins. the world has gone mad.are u mad too.


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