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maybe im a fool

By: koolc

Page 1, maybe im a fool

maybe im a fool

I show you my soul,like an open book,do whatever it took, to make u happy, mybe im a fool for love,

i carried the burdens for u,sacrifice for you,may have hurt others feelings for u,take care of business, pay the rent,cook and wash,even if it mean't,purposely

take a bullet, or apill for u. i'll swear on a stack of bible,if i have to,these are some of the things i'll do for u.full, fill my obligatons and promises all for you,

defended u like a grizzly bear would its cobbs, just leave it up to me, ill get it fix for you,like a job.even apply bengay rubb on ur back and u neck whenever u hurt,

maybe im a fool,for u

I carried the burdens for u,sign and write ur name,across my chest,telling the world,as i confess ur my heaven,my star my girl,everything more not less,cuz u morepresious,

to me than gold,i'll take a bullet for you,cry for u,lie for u,if i have to, i carried the burdens for u each and everyday, like a slave would,his master,i carried the shame counter act,

the games,its all the same,nothing change.i won't letu down, i would lift ur spirit,wen ur down,sing for u wen ur songless,give u my all, and answer ur calls,give u hope whenever,

u feel hopeless,yesi'll always be around, standing tall,some people say im blind,but i dont mind, cuz i know ur forever my one of akind,

maybe im a fool,for u.

I carried the burdens for u,make u smile when ur sad,comfort you when ur in disarray,on my shoulders u can always lay, maybe its a fool for u,

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