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mood swings

By: koolc

Page 1, mood swings

Mood swings,

your hot and then ur cold, u do and then u don"t, oh is it becuz u won't,u keep on changing like the weather.not quite clever,ur sending mix messages,

ur mood swing is terrible, maybe conciously,or maybe delibrately, whateverit might be, u need to get in touch with ur inner soul. Can"t u see that,

I am here for u?. don't u get a clue? my darling boo. please, don't be a rollercoaster.First ur in then ur out, I think ur heart is full of doughts and ,

confussion. ur alittle delusion, first u say, yes and then u say no, well tell me now where do we go,do we go high or do we go,low?cuz I have,

so many questions and not enough answers,baby i am here,for you,u can always count on me,talk to me, Whats the deal,whats real,cuz your sex appeal,

is not the same,or what a pity what a shame.ur changing again, from the sunny glow to an icey igloo.its ur mood swing again,come on lets,

get together.ur hot and ur cold,as the story unfold,your heart is growing,weary tied and old,before ur time,please,ease and,

release ur throughts, extricate ur mind,and take ur time,to read the sign,that said I am here for you, these words are,

true cuz ur my bo. no more mood swing,let it be just a thing, of the past,the very last.

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