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My appreciation

By: koolc

Page 1, My appreciation

My appreciation,

Ur beautiful as a banquet of flowers,, its ur love and my love its ours,maybe its your sexy stylish poses,cuz ur fresh as abed of roses, from ur head down to ur toes.

ur like a nubian queen,together we are the number one team.ur sweeter than, the taste of vanella,whipcream,but more like a beautiful wet dream.

ur love is so strong, like wine, it gets better with time, I hope someday you will be all mines.

My appreciation to you, for loving me the way you do, cuz ur always in my corner. loving me from the heart. today i give u my love and honor,

Your my inspiration,I adore you, i repect you, you have my full admiration.where ever u may roam, with me u will never be alone.

your my shining star, the moonlight by night, your the center of my universe. today i put u first,for quenching my thirst for heart will always be ur home,

cuz i appreciate you woman,in amillion, billion and oneways, thank u.

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