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my eyeswill never stray

By: koolc

Page 1, My eyes will never stray, This is the price i pay for love,

My eyes will never stray,

The price i pay for loving you this way, Oh how i waited for you for so long, your sweet smell, like a bed of roses, your lips are hot like fire.

your hips like a goddess and your curves and thighs are like the emaginations of paradise, you got me so high. My eyes will never stray.

today i know its gonna be okay, cuz i pray for your sweet love to come my way, this time to stay, inspite of the muttering, grumbling,chattering.

and complainning, about me and you, a sign i read, yesterday it said,he's no good for you , but what do they know about me and you,u mean the world to me.

My eyes will never stray, cuz i am gonna say i love you right here today, in everyway.

Your sweet valupchious chest, and breat, and all the rest of you,are so amazing to see, each time i close my eyes and visualize your softness, and my heardness,

as we press against each other,for comfort,and for that good black magical call love.My eyes will never stray, cuz u"ve got that incredible taste of love.

i need My eyes will never stray,

the price i pay for love, is worth the waiting, as i anticipate the glory, and greatobsolute, magnitude and power of love, ur sweetness is my weakness.

your special in everyway, i love you , i love you, here today.

my eyes will never stray.

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