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Oh woman,daughters and sons

By: koolc

Page 1, O woman,O woman

oh woman oh woman,daughters,and sons,

Oh desendant,of slaves mothers,daughters and sons,i dont mean to be condescending,some from the ghetto to the white house,shh plz sit down and listen

be quite as amouse,oh sisters and cusins of cold minors,and steel workers,traped in the concrete jungle,let this be a reminder,we can make the world seems alittle kinder,by what we project,with our imagination,kind words,

and deeds,ur the soul inherritor of a modern day freedom fighters,the burden bearers,stand up, look at all the blood sweat and tears,shade for u,they pave and give there lives for you,but you be came so rebelious, and drunk

with selfishness,very selfcentered,carelessness, narcissistic,and rude,oh how easy and quickyou are with the tongue, desrespectful,cussing fussing,no trusting,oh how you've gone a stray,and turn away from reality,check ur formality

change ur ability,where is ur passion for life,its sickening, and rectless,some say abit ruthless,careless,almost worthless,no pride, no guidence any more,mothers and daughters, of the earth children of the sun but look at,what you've

become, mindless, juvenile delinquency,its a problem90% percent of us are lost caught up in the system,again and again,O woman,Oh woman,mothers talk to ur daughters and sons of slave desendant,look how far we've come,

but now we are living like bums,no way to run withthere pants down to there ancle, this is not a great example towards maturity,oh mothers,daughters and sons of the earth,show ur worth,dont be so cold, faces ofangels and soul

of the devil,why not chose love instead of evil,oh woman,oh woman,daughter,and sons, lets return to reality,be good neighbors,and friends again, we need each other,one heart mind and soul,

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