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ooOh baby its ccold

By: koolc

Page 1, ooOh baby its ccold

ooOh baby its ccold,

Oh so cold is the winter breeze, the frosty dry air would always make you queezy and sneeze,

but i'll be ur digital temperature,thermometer,ur space heater,maybe ur radiator,ur special aviator jacket, rising ur body heat yet higher,ur everyday flavor, and colors,black white

red,brown,baige, and blue or ur so cute,they fit u well. but i like when u smile, how about some cented burning candle,to warm your tender loving heart,my dear my love.oh baby just put ur arms around me,cuz

ooOh baby its ccold,outside.

Oh how about some hot chocolate,or some caramel tea, oh just take my hand, tonite i'll be ur everyman,come closer, into these charming,strong waiting, warm welcome arms,of mines,for comfort my soul,sister,

oh i can be ur electrical blanket, ur trinket, urlong trench jacket,with the best inner lining insulated thermal, ur winter coat,oh maybe i can offer u some cinimon instant oats,i just bought.

i can even be ur leg warmer,like a snake charmer,ur winter heating pad,or i'll make ur heart feels glad, yes whatever u want me to be as long as i can keep ur pretty little heart warm,

cuz ooh baby its ccold outside, let me fill ur soul with love,oh how about some winter gloves for ur hands,its water repellent,fashionable andprevalant,so u never have to worry about frost bite,

just the right fittedfor ur body heat,cuz baby its cold out side.come in from the cold.

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