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By: koolc

Page 1, Passion, I believe in passion


I believe in alittle bit of passion,A little style and fashion, I believe in tears of joy, books and toys,

I believe in dreams, i also believe in that magical running streams of desire,I believe in thrills,

and laughter,water and fire, i believe in love,and happiness ever after, I believe in the rain, cuz it washed away all my pain, I believe,

in fairy tales, little angels with wings,church bells that rings,and mocking birds thatsings, I believe in a

wish upon a star, maybe money and a fansy car, i believe in a penny tossed into a wishing well,heaven and hell,

I believe in magical spells, and love stories much more to tell, I believe in love in disguise, I believe,

in compromise, but I believe in the twinkle in ur eyes,I believe in Passion and someday we will make it to paradise.

u and i.

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