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selfish reasons,

By: koolc

Page 1, Selfish reasons

Selfish reasons,

How do i love you, when you don't seems to care,your body is hear with me but your mind is else where.

How do i make you understandjust how much i love you,but maybe you love another, I gave you my heart,my love wrapt in clover,

How do i make you see me, if you constantly ,pass me over, u look right though me, as if i was'nt there, with doughtful eyes, and a stone cold heart.

How do i make you believe in me, when you dont even know me, why won't u talk to me, sou can really get to know me, feel me, so i canpleaseu, hold me,squeeze me.

tell me just this once u love me,u understand and u care,How do i make your heart smile, if you don'teven hearme,are u really here for me, or justselfish reasons?,

You need to change, ur atitude, think of me like i think of u,don't be so cruel, and so rude,ur cold emotions is the case of this selfish reasons, talk to me,not at me,

forselfish reasons u will never be happy u can will alway ran away from u.

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