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she is the 1

By: koolc

Page 1, she is the 1

she is the 1

yes she is the one

oh she mesarise,hypnotize,excites,and entice me,

as i slowly cuddle,caress,touch and cradle her, oh so gently,

oh she moves me,like no other woman has,she turns me upside down,

eroticly,romanticly as i unbutton her blouse reveling her bra, peeling her pantyhose,

and sexy clothes off,her sexy body,exposing her chest and voluptuos, tasty sweet breast,

oh i like that bedroom,dreamy look in her eyes,its like the beauty of the sun rise,today i'm gonna sex her twice,

oh my heart beat fast,bursting with lust and pleasure,my soul yearn for her,i thirst for her love treasure,

her tasteful,niples,like honey,suckle,sugar,and candy,trickling down her hot body,

oh her kisses,intoxicate my mind,baby i surrender my heart,and

my will,to you.I need her body oh so verydespretly,

sexually,and eagerly.oh she is the one

yes she is the one,

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