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simply Inseparable

By: koolc

Page 1, simply inseparable, cuz ur so sweet silly lovely and kind.

simply inseparable,

Inseparable thats what we are,togther oh so happy in love,she is giving meher attention,andaffection,oh it feelsso wonderfulto hold her close,

i likefact that she isso sweet, sexy, kind, silly, and witty with the most dreamy eyes,she isthe phrase and rhyme of a love song, a melody that, stays on my mind.

every time,she is the object of my desire,she sets myheart and soulon fire,her characteristics is thatof an angel,i like the way she loves me from head to toe,each time, we snuggled.

oh it feels like a forever dream, don't wake me,cuz we are simply inseparable,i like togaze into herbeautiful pearly eyes,her touch islike silk, oh mylove,my dear,ur the best thing that ever happen to me.

oh my love,we are simply inseparable.much more than impressionable, i love u, i need u, my heart will always be with u,inseparable.

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