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The real Power of lov,

By: koolc

Page 1, The real powe of love

The real power of love,

The real power of love is a kind of understanding, its giving of yourself, body mind and soul,its sharing,careing,and dearing.

to do anything, for love, to have faith, respect, loyalty,honor,and trust.To be apart of a dream,true love comes from the heart, its unconditional.

The real power of love is a conquering of love and desires, pleasing,and teasing,its a connection, a chemistry, a real bond,with each other, to laugh and play,when u just,

can't wait for the next day to begain,again to see that glowing smile on her face yet again and agin,to caress her tenderly, love is a beautful thing, its a support system,a deep,

feeling of belongin,The real power of love is a warm tingling electrical feeling like no other feeling, though out ur body,that gives u the strenght of ten men..

u can dream with delight, and smile with passion, again the real power of love is special, to touch, feel and sqweeze.

love is a togetherness, we fail when we'er apart, thatsthe power oflove. The real power of love is withing our souls we are nothing without it.

love is when our hearts beat as one,

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