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waiting for you.

By: koolc

Page 1, waiting for you,

Waiting for you.

You are my aspiration, and my inspiration. my reasons for existance, my reason for love.

I need your love to erase this boredom, iam feeling rite now, i need your love to get me though the night.and so I will wait for you.until i see you in site.

if it takes all day and all night,or for ever. I can't wait to touch you, to feel u, to hold you, i have no place to lay my pounding head,but on her gentle shoulders,

i now sleep in an empty bed,but i remember the words you said about love,i need u baby,sincerely,anxiously,earnestly. i believe in hope and faith. i'll wait for you,to come back into my arms again,

i'll wait for u in great anticipation, cuz tonight we'r gonna listen to the temptation, singing our favorite song, tonight im gonna eagerly wait ur arrival. cuz the thoughts of loving you is enough for me,

Your comforting,words of love is still haunting me,oh u make it so easy to love u, so i'll wait for u my love my darlyn,until u come home to me.

cuz i love u.

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