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when the earth shake

By: koolc

Page 1, when the earth shake

when the earth shakes,

oh mercy,mercy me,i feel the earth beneath me shake and trimble,the screams of terra, and sorrow,its like the

world is coming to an end,my house is on fire,the walls and roofing came tumbling down,its an earth quake6.5 on a rickter scale,mothers crying,babies dying,no way to ran no way to hide,we are trapped,

like cage animals,our souls surrendered to fear,its a nightmare, so it seems,i dont wanna wake up,from this dream,to face reality,everywhere around me turns to rubble,dust and bricks gravle and sand,almost like a desert land,

broken, buildings,cars and boats,smash like toys,the threat of nuclear meltdown,radioactive waste,hunger,and starvation,damage schools,churches,houses,my pet cat and dog, all dead,i cant find my moma,or my

dada,im calling,and balling yet no answer,the sound and smell,of death fills the air,i am bleeding, from cuts a scrapes,from my head to my feet,oh mercy,mercy me,rescue me oh lord my soul,is in pain,i am so tied,

and drained,its another earth quake again,6.5 on a rickter scale,oh the whaling,and crying of grown men and wemen, the old and the young,dead man,all around me,but dead man tells no tales,help,help no

where to run, no where to hide,When the earth shakes and move,its like the gods are angry,and punishing me,now the river meets the sea,oh mercy,mercy me,no where to turn,danger all around me,

we are traped beat down, hungry,and thirsty,i pray oh lord dont let me die before im 40, mercy,mercy feels like everything gone wrong,but i have to be,strong for myself and others too, i am a

surviver,i have to live,when the earth shakes, o lord it feels like the end,my life,i am scared,its another trama,i still cant find my mama,my heart pounding,like a drum,all my emotions are

shaken,but i am holding on by a thread,to faith,and hopingto keep my soul from failing,i am gonna live,the gods has given me yet another chance at live,when the earth shakes.

oh mercy,mercy me,

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