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Who needs love?

By: koolc

Page 1, Who needs love,

Who needs love,

In so many ways my heart speaks to me, and warns me,of the cruel deception,and manipulation, of love,who needs love?

I have live, love, lost, lust, and trust love, only to be hurt by love, over and over again,and so i wish now for the pain,to end,

not to be hurt again,oh thepain, of love, I'VE been push to shame BY LOVE,Iam soempty deep inside,because ofLOVE, my soul cried,

Who needs love?, when love lies to you, and hurt you, take away ur pride, turn ur world upside down, love don't love nobody,mama use tosay, i pray for the death of love,

my heart is brused,andused,I SMILE WITH BETTER TEARS RUNING FROMmine EYES,I feel sohopeless, my soul,can't rest,so ihide in the darkness,from the world, with a sadden heart,

How could Itrused LOVE,is tooselfish, i need to find the strenght,love isso cold to me, how could LOVE be so insensitive? LOVE HAS no soul, love cuts like a two edged sword, THOUGH MY FLEASH,

IT FEELS LIKE posion on my tongue,killing me slowly,I AM so weakning my body,SHOWS A KIND OF attitude, iTS depressing, now i have live with pent up build up, anger,from DECIEVING love,I died inside,crucified,

BY LOVE, FOR LOVE,hates me, who needs love,oh LOVE, why did you forsake me, telling me lies,in disguise, now i dispise love, who needs love? when it hurts so much,it burns my flesh like hot larva, now i have,

nothing to live for, love burns a hold in my chest,such a woundthat hard to heal, lovefeels like an evil, that distroy and steals ur heart, and never give it back.who needs love,? no not me,not anymore.

who needs love?NO NOT ME. who neeeds love.

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