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will i ever find love

By: koolc

Page 1, Will i ever find love,

Will i ever find love,

my heart beats almost in anxiety, cuz I am hoping,praying to find love, a kind of love that can make me speak in tongues, akind of love with so much feelings i am overwhelm,

will I ever find love? in a bar,in a car,near or far,at the club,or the pub, when love seems so far away, my heart is full of mix emotions, pain and sorrows,like a magic portion,everyday,I am about to give in.

it seems i can't win for losing,Lord give me a sign, make her all mines,show me where to look, for love, people are so cruel,where ever i go,they will steel ur heart and hurt u,and then u died inside,

cuz ur lonely,each night i say a prayer,Talk to me lord, do i look high?, or do i look low.?Its been sometimes now the love i lost, I try to find again. The eagerness to be happy is haunted my brain,

Lust ,love, deceptions,and lies,are always in the back of my mind. the temptations of a false hope the glitter and glamor,a mistake of a fake smile,alwayscomplicate, my throughts,and

stifled my emotions, i know the world is not perfect,but My heart is bursting in agony,so thick u can cut it with a knife, and the hurt continues, will i ever find true love? will i ever find you.

could u be the love I've been longing for? can u see my tears,can u hear my screeem, will i ever find love.?

are u the visions of my dreams, or the nightmare i cant escape, can u love me the way i am, oh dam its morning i must be dreaming,again about love, but it feels so good, i need love,

will i ever find this tender moment, this sweet feeling, this special emotion, this unforgiving passion, call love

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