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Your Smile

By: koolc

Page 1, Your Smile

Your Smile

Your smile gives me hope, to live yet another day,like the glow of a million galaxies,far, far away through the eyes of a telescope.

My heart is no longer dangling, or hanging on the end of a rope,am so glad ur mines, maybe we cangetaway somewhereand elope.

My soul is so mesmerized like the visions of sweet, sweet paradise and Paris, charming lights.i embrace ur sweetness,

Your love is like the most beautiful rose garden, lovely as the summer night skies,and pretty like a dragon kite,

I'll always love you, not once, but twice,cuz ur three times alady,i have eyes only for you,

Your smile is a joy to my heart. nothing can tear us pop tart princess,

your smile is all i need to get by,this is why i smile.

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