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A Difference: Connected by a Spark - an Ember Glows

By: Lady Jewells

Page 1, The mind is hopeful, but torn. If you were alone - I wouldn\'t worry. But you aren’t.

A Difference: Connected by a Spark – an Ember Glows


The human condition rallies. I love and hate sleep for many reasons to numerous to write.


A late night connection stirs the brain - fires up long dead nerves in the loins - other parts of the brain awaken, synapses fire and re-fire. The endorphins rally and sweep through the brain like an army of well trained athletes’, everyone’s racing to keep pace with the blood surge.


A flurry of emails swarms - a response.


The mind is hopeful, but torn. If you were alone - I wouldn't worry.

But you aren’t -


Sleep soothes the mind and allows us to regroup.

We rest peacefully - knowing all the feelings are still there.



Somewhere during our rest - A child's giggle or hug or just the memory of it, pulls us back. If we were single, alone and lonely – we’d probably follow those emails, but as parents – we aren’t alone.


Therefore, we sit - perched on the edge of reason. We take solace in knowing all the feelings we thought were long dead - are still alive.


What’s different with this connection?   

You’ve connected to a writer. With words and feelings no longer trapped on paper – here in this arena - her soul is free. She is like a good book – the kind you keep in the bathroom. Intimate and informing – her words soothe your soul. She keeps your hopes alive. With thought provoking prose – she keeps those nerves alive, too.

Like a good book – she’s there. She waits to feel your warmth – your touch, a caress – some mental tenderness.

You take solace in her willingness to understand – her willingness to accept what little time you have to give.

Turning the pages – you both travel along the same path – words are shared.

 Connected by a spark – an ember glows.


Lady Jewells (2013)

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