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Perfect to Me

By: lauricula

Page 1, So I\'ve never written poetry before, and I am aware that is awful. It\'s a personal piece I just wrote for my boyfriend, since he\'s been feeling down lately. So if you\'re only going to comment on how terrible it is, please don\'t bother. I am already aware. I just used a poetic format basically. Thank you.


I wish you could see you the way I do.

The joy that shines through your eyes.

 The way your eyes squint when you give me that cheesy grin.

The wonderful sound of your laughter when I tickle you.

The way you pull me into you in your sleep.

 The balance of soft and rough in your hands.

The gentle touch of your lips on mine.

The way your arms hold me when I cry.

The smoothness of your skin against mine.

The hills and valleys formed by muscles.

The look you have right before

You call me beautiful.

The way you spin me around

Even when I scream ‘stop’.

To me, you are joyful.

To me, you are loving.

To me, you are beautiful

In every sense of the word.

To me, you are perfect.

I wish you could see that. 

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