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When Time Freezes

By: magicfoot2011

Page 1, Inspired by, \"The Loving Silence\".

I don't know how,

to express, in words, the love,

that grows for you each day.

That night I spent with you,

it felt as if the clock froze,

and then you kissed me.

When you did,

I didn't want you to stop.

That was the best kiss,

that I've ever recieved.

My heart was racing,

and my pulse pounding.

But you just kept kissing me,

and I knew right then and there,

that I loved you,

and you showed me,

you loved me in return.

Time only freezes,

when I'm with you.

I love the feeling I get,

when our lips touch,

because there's nothing like it.

My family has noticed,

that I've become happier.

And that's true.

I've got you and

I'm not letting go of you.

Hold these words true and close,

I love you.


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