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My Love, My Enemy

Poetry By: Mikey CD

Ever thought of the time that hated rival of yours pissed you off? Ever remembered the time that pretty face got you in trouble? Ever wonder why, despite all that trouble, you can't stop staring at her? If so, read this, and relate to it.

Submitted:Jul 7, 2012    Reads: 321    Comments: 17    Likes: 5   

My Love, My Enemy

by Mikey CD

I came to school, I waited for fun

I could not stop, my energy to play under the sun

But who do I see, that hated foe

The same person who brings me woe

She won't stop blaming me, for stealing, cursing and such

Shut up already! Really, you're too much!

I can't take it anymore

I give a damn of her no more

She won't halt her teasing, her face I hate

Yet somehow, I can't stop looking at her as of late

She has the face, a face of true beauty

And she is so cute, I like her already

Though her beauty is majestic, her evil is so vile

I want to choke her, yet I can't stop looking at her smile

I am a wretched man, for I love what I despise

I am confused, bedazzled, and it shall be my demise

We have now grown up, we are seniors

She is now a goddess, but not in demeanor

She is worse than ever, she doesn't care

She is a monster, her face a true scare

I still can't stop my heart, going faster looking at my foe

But to say I love her, I can't say no

My enemy, my love, can't think of another

But, to my regret, she loves so many others

Must stop this, just think of the past

The hell she gave me, the pain of knowing it at last

I must let go, I pursue a lying dream

It hurts a lot, but such is the way, it would seem

School is done, and college is my new path

I am destroying my self, but I escaped her wrath

A drink for me, and another, and once more

I will never see her, never for love, hate or galore

At the bar, a surprise came my way

Well, it's her! Oh, damn, why this day

Her destruction will start, she saw me already

I will be in rage, but I will be ready

What, no slander? No insults at all?

Not even a glare, did she lose her mind and hit her head in a fall?

She looks at me, but in a new view, no more face of frost

I will resist! I shall! Dammit, I lost!

We just talked, and I enjoy that time

We met again, and again, I'd say something but I lost my rhyme

Oh wait, it's back, and so is she

The talks, and dates, oh, what glee

I meet her once again, I can hold it no longer

I tell her the truth, the fact, I truly love her

She looks shocked, and joyfully agrees

She loves me as well, and told me of the past, to make peace

She insulted me, she hurt me, and annoyed me

All that hell, all that anger, all just to talk to me

She couldn't say the truth, the reality

She loves me now, I can say I am happy

We argue, we fight, but I will never leave

If I do, or if she does, we will both grieve

I take my vows, so does she

And orders me to cook, ah well, we are already married, and I am still merry

We now live together, what an odd adventure

She's mine, she's fine, I care for no other

How odd, I fell for her, odd as I see

But why care, why wonder, don't you agree?


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