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Interlude-The Game

By: Mistress of Word Play

Page 1, Two people often forget even if they love each other there are problems and issues. If they are strong enough love will survive if not it withers and dies.

There in the soft radiant candle's fire,
we felt the stir of sweet desire.
Two souls whose hearts had come together,
two lives no power could dare to sever.

Like moths to the flame,
it always ends the same.
A heart is broken,
a word unspoken,
and yet we still play the game.

A gentle stirring of her heart,
the time they had to spend apart.
She thought she read more in his eyes,
but the heart betrays and oft times lies.

Like leaves cast to the wind,
we accept too quickly then rescind.
Dreams are lost,
both souls pay the cost,
and we are left to attack and defend.

Farewell sweet gentle interlude,
I shall not return or try to intrude.
For love it comes and steals the soul,
it cuts the heart and takes its toll.

Like children trying to place the blame,
love always seems to end the same.
Too quick to fall,
we want it all,
and yet we still play the game.

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