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Love Eternal (for Gary)

By: Mistress of Word Play

Page 1, This love poem is for my husband Gary. He is my rock of stability in life\'s raging ocean of doubt and despair.


I do not love you only with my heart
nor is it a passing fancy of the mind.
I somehow feel enlightened not blind
by that piercing of sweet cupid’s dart.
We are two threads bound as one
meshed eternally in love’s design.
I am your love and you are mine
until that time our lives are done.
The world would be a lonely place
your eyes, your lips, your everything
all the sweetness and joy you bring
would vanish without a single trace.
So hold me oh so close my dear
the candle’s flame grows so bright.
We have this time we have tonight
let us smile and forget each tear.
Beyond this time, beyond this space
let this love of ours forever endure.
We will be strong, we must ensure
together each obstacle we will face.

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