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Love's Dance (Original Version)

By: Mistress of Word Play

Page 1, I wrote two Love\'s Dance poems this was the first. I plan on posting the second one as well. Let me know which you like the best.

Take my hand and let us dance
perhaps we'll find that sweet romance
such sadness was in that melody.
Come and dance one dance with me.

Slow, soft, gentle tender melody
filled with such bittersweet harmony.
Arm and arm they're pressed together.
Could we please stay like this forever?

Two people joined as one
until at last their dance is done.
He sees her smiling up at him.
He kisses her as the lights dim.

A shimmer, and an uncontrolled sigh
twirling there in the ballroom's eye
in that special time on that special hour
transformed by the music's mystic power.

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