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Our Love is Like May Flowers (Angellynn's Competition)

By: Mistress of Word Play

Page 1, This is a heart poem I wrote for Angellynn\'s Competition. My partner in crime is Chiqui who is a wonderful writer of these type of poems. I hope you go to Chiqui\'s page and read her poem as well. You will be amazed. Thank you! Susan :)

We have walked the path down the hill
seen the blossoms open one by one.
Held hands and frolicked free as birds
and we've basked beneath the sun.

We played like two silly children
when we got caught in the rain.
We grew like the first flowers of May.
Together we know how to sustain.

I remember the newly opened rosebud
you tenderly placed in my hair.
I anticipate those precious hours
those moments we have yet to share.

We have learned many things.
Yet we have more to learn.
We have faced all the issues
and discussed each concern.

We have faced all the problems
and how we relish those hours.
Throughout time we will blossom
just like the May flowers.

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