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Passion Forged by Love

By: Mistress of Word Play

Page 1, For my husband Gary. He is my world, my life, and all I could ever desire.

Invigorate and tranquilize me with your kiss.
Propel me to that ultimate bliss.
Meld your heart to my own.
Let us reflect on how love has grown.

Let your gentle fingers trail and trace
the outline of this loving face.
Just for this moment let us shed our skin
look beneath and show what lies within.

Through the darkest of our years
we will dry each others tears.
Come, my love let us fan passion's fire.
You are my life, my one desire.

Would that I could exercise my will
and be here with you till time stands still.
No matter what pain life might make
this love of ours we shall not forsake.

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