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Lonely When Your Gone

By: myheart

Page 1, how much i miss him when he\'s not by my side.

when i am not around you i feel so lonely

i feel so empty and hollow inside

i miss you the second you leave

then my heart is filled with hurt because

you mean everything to me and all

i can think of even when you arent around is you

when im at home thinking of you i become sad

wishing so much you were by my side

but without ever seeing you i would die

for it would take you out of my heart

leaving an empty hollow space in its place

for you are the one who touches every part

and without you that special touch would

go away and my heart would disappear with you

for the second i met you i gave it to you

not wanting it back for it belongs to you

and you are the one who holdsĀ it for you

are the one i want to love forever

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