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Easy, Hard

By: Naan

Page 1, you will walk away, but you\'ll never know if you can get over them


How Could It Be So Hard? And Yet It Seems So Easy

How could you walk away like it never was or never will be? 

How could you make me believe that you dont care?

How could you come back like nothing ever changed?

How could you be like that and I still keep falling for you?

How could I love you when you're just YOU! 


And Yet

When you walked away I believe a tear fell on your cheek

When you yelled "I Don't Care" you were just wishing I’d hold you and tell you you're lying

When you came back you thought about it a thousand times and were too afraid of my response

When you act like that I know deep down that you're my one and only 

When I say you're just you, I mean you are my everything


things aren't always what they seem

things could be fooling us 

things may play with our feelings

while in the end,

things are just simply things


in the end, 

things will become memories


in the end,

I may walk away


but in the end,

I'll always love you


P.S. I can't get over you! 

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