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Letting Go Is Not Like Moving On

By: Naan

Page 1, sometimes letting go is the easiest thing to do, and smiling even though your heart is breaking can be the only option.

We had love, I thought about him every day
He broke my heart, but I was there to stay
Problems gathered, so he walked away
But our paths crossed yet again today

He asked “was it so easy moving on from me?
Was it so easy to find happiness and forget about me?”

I wondered why! 
Aren’t my eyes giving me away?
wasn’t it so obvious in them?
Couldn’t he tell that I was longing for him?

So I simply replied
“If I wasn’t laughing, I would have cried
Seeing you every day with another girl
The way you looked at me, you now look at her”

With sorrow in his eyes, he said
“Feeling like I’m left on the shelf
And in order to keep my health
They help me forget what I regret
Because If I don’t forget
I would be dead”

He saw the girl and with a big smile he said hey
So I laughed loudly and went on my way.

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