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The Memory Train

Poetry By: nathanmarc12

Imagine sitting at a train, looking out the window... One's memories might just be refreshed ; one might just meet a long lost love again.

Submitted:Apr 1, 2012    Reads: 62    Comments: 15    Likes: 5   

Sipping a cup of coffee

Sitting comfortably in a train

I took my eyes off the laptop

and looked out the window

What I couldn't believe

was how magnificent the view actually is

how much memories the view has in store

The train passed by

a quaint yet familiar flower land

that has flowers blooming everywhere

I see

a young boy and a young girl

walking together, hand in hand

amongst the daffodils and the lavenders

amongst the yellow and the purple

How beautiful, yet how contrasting

The boy came to a halt abruptly,

and plucked something off the ground

He handed a lavender stalk to the girl

"Why lavender?"

She asked

"Cause to me, it's rare and exquisite, just like you"

He answered.

The train passed by

a vast unpolluted lake

there are still ducks visible from afar

Water lapping can still be heard, even in the train

I see

a teenage boy and a teenage girl

splashing water against each other

and holding breath contest together

A few moments later

the girl emerged

"Alright, you win!"

the boy came up then

"I told you so,"

Furious and amused,

the girl tried to hit the boy's chest

but the boy managed to dodge the girl's hand

The laughter, the gigglings

are still audible from afar

The train passed by

a towering pear tree

that is still bearing a lot of pears

I see

a teenage boy and a teenage girl

lying under the tree, hands pointing at the sky

"See, a scorpio!"

The girl exclaims

"No, it's an orion,"

The boy insists

Sparks flew, chemistry happened

They ceased to argue about some silly constellations

and they kissed under the tree, for the very first time

unaware that a meteor is flying above the sky

but aware that they are meant for each other

The train passed by

an old abandoned airport

that is still surviving after so many years

I see

a young man and a young woman

saying their final goodbyes to each other

"Have a good life in England, don't wait up for me"

the woman said, sobbingly

"You too, promise me you'll have a happy life in Australia,"

the man replied, resisting to cry

They kissed for the very last time

They turned around, departed to their respective boarding gates

both knowing they'll never have a good or happy life

When love is forced to separate,

the two holes in the two hearts

caused by the fond memories over the years

and the poignant farewell over a minute

can never heal, even after a lifetime

The train arrived at the station

I picked up my suitcase

and stepped onto the platform

So much for memories

I was about to rush to my new workplace

when someone froze the time

I just did not expect

that the someone would be

the young girl, the teenage girl, the young woman

now a grown woman.


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