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Lasting Impression

By: Natural Dee

Page 1, They say the first impression is the most lasting. Listen in on the fears, worries and thoughts behind making that lasting impression......

How do I start?
Where do I begin?
"Hello, how are you?"
Who is the person that picks up?
Does he see the world as I do?
Is he looking for a friend, a lover,
a relationship?
What weight that one click carries!
"Fine and you?"
An answer received, followed by
"Let's Chat"
Evening rendezvous planned,
me, my keyboard, your response.
A new message received,
"Call me"
Should I risk it?
I am in too far to cancel now.
His voice echoes in my head.
It sounds nothing like your photo.
Does that even make sense?
Pleasant conversation,
shared expressions,
schoolgirl silliness.
I'm too old for this.
Am I?
"Let's meet"
New step,
but I've come too far to cancel.
Will he see as I see?
Will he hear as I've heard?
Gentle eyes.
He takes my hand and I melt.
I really like him.
I wonder if he feels the same.
He's smiling.
A connection is made,
a lasting impression.

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