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Sunset Embrace

By: Nikkibeth

Page 1, This is for my husband. Our 2nd Anniversary is this Sunday <3

As we sit on the sand,

Watching the sun go down.

Your caressing hand touches me,

it still ignites me.

The sun lowers down in the horizon,

You come closer to my face.

Your love whispers still makes me feel so good.

Hearing those three words still makes me smile.




I love you dearly,

I remember our wedding day,

on a beautiful sunny evening.

We said our vowsas the sun went down.

The red and gold in the horizon represented something to me,

it represents our love.

The sunset is the symbol of our love,

the day that started our forever.

I am proud to be called your wife,

as you are proud to be called my husband.

The sun has went down,

and we have shared our sunset embrace.

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