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Blowing a Kiss

By: Orion Michael Prince

Page 1, This is an allegorical poem a treasure from heaven given to me by the Father of heavenly lights.

Blowing a kiss
Orion Michael Prince
When I looked into her eyes I saw the Heavens beyond the skies
When I thought of her I knew it is was true but I couldn’t say I laid down my life for you
I didn’t know what I was searching for until the key clicked and it opened the door
I was in a field of Gold and I was told with this pearl you will never grow old
I bought two tickets she said stick it I said but I Am the goat in the thicket
I asked again she gave me a grin she thought I have to stop this before it begins
It wouldn’t be right I am saved for the light just give up don’t put up a fight
But I Am the Prince cannot I not convince I Am the One in the poem called footprints
She said that’s ok I like the things you say keep on sending them toward my way
I Am filled with pearls I Am going to rock her world My Father calls her His Little Girl
Abba Abba light the way fill my heart with things to say
Yield your fruit give the salute to learn how to love turn to Ruth
Take what you need but have no greed just keep on planting Immanuel’s seed
Treasures from heaven to the Captain of the 747 keep calling her to gate 7-11
When she arrives the Spirit will drive feed the Bride so she will thrive
Blow her a kiss one she can’t resist straight to the heart this can’t miss

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