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What You're To Me

By: pakla

Page 1, part 2 of my poem YOU\'RE MY EVERYTHING...this time i just thought of gathering up the exciting yet sometimes funny things lovers say to one another.I know the list is endless.In fact i know i just began writing a poem that shall never end as long a humans and love coexist lol...check it out and add your phrases in the comment section...they shall be added later on i promise[sometimes with just some slight editing]

What You’re ToMe

You’re a decoration

Nature’s artistic masterpiece

You’re the color and scent

Perfusing out of a rose

You’re the queen’s diamond ring

Priceless and irreplaceable

You’re the Garden of Eden

Natural and exotic

You my Mercedes

Sybaritic and luxurious

You’re a sunflower

Upright bright and elegant

You’re a super play station

Excitingly arresting

You’re the great pyramid

Timeless and wonderful

You’re Mount Everest

Majestic and beautiful

You’re the Grand Canyon

Magnificent and breathtaking

You’re a favorite menu

Deliciously tempting

You’re a honey comb

Concentrated sweetness

You’re the spice

My life’s right ingredient and aroma

You’re my science breakthrough

Gripping and amazing

Your love Is that math formula

Interestingly puzzling

You’re my lecturer

Without you there’s no career

You’re my highway

Speeding up my life without limits

You’re the drainage system

My life current ever trickles back to you

You’re my ocean

So huge deep but calm

You’re the waves of the sea

You blow out my mind

You’re my song

Makes me wanna clap wanna dance

You’re my guitar

Without a pluck I’ve no music

You’re my drum

Without a beat I’ve no tune

You’re my piano

Without you I would waste away and die

You’re my DSTV

A world of entertainment

You’re my theater

You make my night

You’re my 2010 world cup

A once in a life time experience

You’re my Google

Always getting better

You’re my Wikipedia

Knowing all my needs

You’re my world wide web

With you I am all round connected

You’re my iphone

Latest and unprecedented

You’re the perfume

The fragrance of my life

You’re my spaceship

Every date is an adventure

You’re my favorite brew

Always anxious till I grab it

You’re my microwave

You keep me hot when I am cold

You’re my first fright

That chilling and memorable experience

You’re my swimming pool

You’ve both ends, shallow and deeper

You’re my sports complex

All I need for sport

You’re my Olympics

Ever record breaking


by pat k lamba aka pakla

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