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Do You Hear My Heart ?

By: Poetlife

Page 1, Memories from a deep hurt of love betrayed by one and others beacuse we were in their minds too young.It effected my life, which I am only now healing of.More later,if you can read between the lines.That\'s one of the reasons -why my pen-name is poetlife.

Do You Hear My Heart.

(c) 3/12/2009.By Poetlife.

Do you hear my heart searching,

Do you feel my pain rising,

Do you see my tears flooding, falling

Do you have a burning hunger,



Do you hear my thoughts questioning,

Do you have

A deep longing, yearning,

Do you feel love missing,

Do you want peace within

Do you feel it missing.

Do you hear my voice calling,

Do you want to be together forever,

Do you hear my heart searching,


For you my love.

If you do?

I don't want you,

I have found true love

Divine calling.

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