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The Girl Who Faded Away

By: Sapphire Soul

Page 1, The story of a girl who\'s love betrayed and abandoned her... and yet she could never seem to forget him...

A broken heart with stolen dreams,

A starless night with silent screams,

The tears and fears of a girl who gave it her all

To a boy who let her fall.

Now she questions her heart, herself,

Her life so filled with regret and strife.

A burning fire caused by the liar who took her higher and higher

And dropped her.

Drowning in her own sorrow, dreading the time called tomorrow.

Alone in the dark,

Alone in the light,

Always alone, every day and every night.

Hands try to reach, but she pulls away.

Mouths try to speak, but no words will say

What everyone knows.

Locked in the past, she hides in her memories,

Trying to hold onto a boy who is long gone.

Sighing, crying, begging, pleading, dying for that boy,

The one who walked away.

Forever alone in a world of pain,

With nothing to lose and nothing to gain.


Slowly slipping further with every passing day,

Fading faster, faster, faster until she fades away.

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