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By: Sasha O Rowan

Page 1, Walls keep them out (and us in)

And once over the wall,

he tried to hold her close.

She kept him at an arm’s length.

He was not fit to touch

even the hem of her robe.

Though her eyes were fire

her heart beat cold.

Sweet words and more caresses

he professed his love.

Silently she looked away

and brushed her midnight tresses.

It could not be enough.

His every gift was returned,

left intact, unopened.

They talked together

and she laughed

but there was more unspoken.

Fighting her was breath!

He took her in

and gasped for more.

She was a depth

he could drown in.

She threw him back ashore.

When he descended

As she knew he would

to leave her alone

once and for all

She did not reach for him

but her tears shed freely

and fell over the wall.

Palms upturned he caught her rain

and all at once

was in love again.

So she loved him after all!

But was now again alone.

He reached for her, in vain.

No foothold, no crag

the tears had worn them smooth.

He scrambled to save her

but there was no way back.

Wrought with regret

and frustration, he lifted his head and called

“Jump! Why be shut away,

So far atop a wall?”

She dried her last tears for him

and answered,


“Because I’m afraid to fall.”

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