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A Snow White Death

By: SassySylist93

Page 1, A poem that i came across cleaning my room recently. Its pretty old, but i thought that i would share it with you! Also pasted weird so i gave up on trying to fix the formats! Sorry! :)

 Skin like ivory, she lay unmoving.

Embraced within walls of glass.

Audiences come and go,

to gaze upon the sleeping beauty.

Oh how dreadful,

for a radiant heart to fall

so young they cried.

Such a life wasted.

But alas from the shadows;

a young man;

the prince emerged.

A daring gaze iced to the core,

take a step forward.

A single gentle touch

among soft lips.

A new drawn breath.

Oh what radiant glory!

The lovely maiden

has at last awaken from slumber.

No eternity of such grief.

But perhaps, two halves

of a single heart, colliding

into one.

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