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Not Gonna Look, It Hurts Too Much

By: SavvyApple

Page 1, Boy and Girl meet. Boy and Girl fall in love. Girl dies. Boy and Girl heartbroken.

Boy: As I continue with my life, this is what I see.

Girl: As I watch from above, this is what I see.

Boy: Girl walking around - they're not her.

GIrl: He's eyeing other girls, now that I'm gone.

Boy: People that might be going through what she did.

Girl: He has no idea what I went through.

Boy: Sometimes I wish this hadn't happened.

Girl: He's wishing for other girls to meet.

Boy: The pictures of us together are only depressing now.

Girl: He's ripping up the only photos of us.

Boy: I love her, still.

Girl: He hates me.

Boy: As she lie on that operating table I couldn't look at her, it hurt to much.

Girl: He couldn't even look at me as I died.

Boy: When I looked back, she was dead.

Girl: I don't know if he looked again or not, I don't know, I didn't look back, it hurt too much.

Boy: Now she's gone forever.

GIrl: He can't break my heart again.

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