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Broken And Repaired

By: ShadowHeartedCowboy

Page 1, A poem of a girl who meets a guy that she never knew loved her. It took her heart being broken and him talking to her for her to see that he loves her.

Broken And Repaired


Walking through the empty roads,

Where she goes he only knows,

Looking ahead and never back,

Tears in her eyes and a voice that cracks,


He hurries to be by her side,

Asking her why she cries,

No words need to be spoken,

To show her heart was broken,


The road is never ending,

Her pain is ever growing,

He turns her to look at him,

Saying what happened to her,


She tells her tale of woe,

He is the first to let her know,

Though her old love has gone,

A new one is there to be won,


It’s all the same she says,

No one loves her best,

The pain in his eyes,

To her is a surprise,


I love you best he says,

No one but you is for me,

This I want you to see,

A chance is all I need,


Her heart was once broken,

Now repaired she does know,

He who loves her best,

Has now passed the test.

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