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Bridging my Heart with my Soul...

By: Shadows of Memories

Page 1, My LIFE starts and ends with two most important persons of my life who have created magical difference and added colours to\'s my love and the other\'s my child...both are very much inseparable from my mind.

The two verges of my life

Banking across, silver-lined.

Decked up with my inspiration,

Spiced up with lots aspiration,

I act like a wooden bridge,

Swinging between two of them,

Linking them with soul and spirit--

Both are to me jewel and gem.

One is cute, the other is stout,

Both are naughty posing sprouts.

They love and care and caress me,

Admire and excite and inspire me.

My life begins with those two beings,

With their thoughts and dreams, it ends.

I cry, I feel, I perceive the two,

I live my life, through their eyes ocean blue.

They rainbow my life with seven hues,

They are inseparable from me; me too fused.

I sail my boat in the river of life,

With two of my soldiers, when my life at rife;

They are like two ends of my bridge:

On which I stand firm and rich,

They are my two limbs, or pole-stars--

If one is soul, the other is heart.

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