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Falling in Love...

By: Shadows of Memories

Page 1, falling in love can be also with your own...the one who doesn\'t love himself can never love and appreciate the beauty in others


I fall in love with my life

I fall in love with tears

I make love with my memories

Love that’s lost in fears.


I love the colour of snowfall,

The colourless colour of rains,

Falling and soothing my heart that falls,

Amidst the scorching pains.


I love the smell of leaves,

That are withered and fallen apart,

I love doing painting ripples,

The imaginations that depart.


I love the lust for the whole sky,

Crimson red galore,

I love being sailed on oceans blue,

The night that stars adore.


I nestle at my paradise,

Of imagines, images and dreams,

I draw vivid picture,

Roaming around my realms.


I flirt with my emotions,

I love to take the pain,

I add on chips of pleasure in it,

I fall in love; I refrain.


I dream my eyes closed to see,

The beauty of my heart,

I fall in love with myself and soul,

I love being lonely, apart.


We love being forgotten ourselves,

And live on other’s hopes,

We live and leave our own dreams,

And make their world our globe.


It’s easy to love somebody,

Than loving your soul and brain,

You will never ever leave yourself,

And inject life with pain.


Start loving your own heart from today,

Worship yourself and soul,

You will find all happiness,

The key to success and goal.

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