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So we made the Best Couple..

By: Shadows of Memories

Page 1, irrespective of the social norms and regulations, the necessary physical and mental attributes or qualifications, even if they rejected us as a couple, we always had, have and will forever count us as the best couple forever...

...though, we never proposed to each other,

on the knees, amidst the crowd,

you never even praised me,

you never said “You are the most beautiful”...

You never gifted me a red rose,

or a ring inside the wine glass,

Still we felt the most united couple.


The conjugation of our hearts,

 the togetherness of our mental being,

Made us even stronger than any society known,

and left us to cherish our naked hearts.

We were the best beauty in this unknown vanity  

And we made the best couple.


To be paired, the three golden words may remain unspoken ever

If the heart speaks it all ...

The words are just a framework for the emotions,

And hence we featured the loveliest couple.

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