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Love Letter from the Heart

By: SophieaGreen

Page 1, This was a project i had in school it was to write a love letter so i wrote one to my memories from my heart. the teacher wouldn\'t take it cuz she said it wasn\'t what she had ask for, but all she asked for was a love letter.

Dear Memories,

You go unseen yet hold such power over me.

I seem to run from you,

from the thought of having to face you,

from having to face what you'll show me,

from the fear of what i might feel if i see you agian.

Will you torture me with things from my past,

or will you give me my most presious moments to come.

Even when i run i hope you will chase after me,

untill i can find the corage to love you always.

Still my feelings go unchangeed,

so i think to myself of how i love what you make me relize,

and the smiles that you bring.


                              the heart


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