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A far & lonely cry...

By: Spyguy

Page 1, Far... Off on a painted sky, my love looks out to a reader far away...

Writer inspired... to you, who make me forget about me...


Yes, yes, my far & lonely love my soul can hear your cry;
My dear, my love is safe for you & never it will die.
I feel your need & write to you a token in the wind;
For though I've come & loved you dear, I fear that I have sinned.
So far away call to me, from off on lonely shore;
Inspired now I write to you to give a little more.
Touch the heavens of your peaks & the clefts & valleys deep;
Run your fingers in the places I'd make your pleasure reap.
Think of me & how I'd joy recieve from pleasure given;
All the tender feelings that from all my love deriven;
Take you to the brink of cliff, a watchpost on horizon;
Look about for love my dear, someone to put your eyes on.
Most important look inside, see beauty unsurpassed;
From the mirror of your eyes, the lake of life so placid...



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