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What Happened To Love?

By: Starlight777

Page 1, Love poem!!! lol kinda sappy..

What happened to true romance?

The holding hands, The hugs and kisses,

And the full devotion in which they give their hearts to you.

Even though you feel you don't deserve any of it


What happened to letters?

The really long ones: So sappy and true,

So full of their true feelings for you;

So full of their thoughts for you.


What happened to that look?

The one that with just one gaze into your eyes,

They see the you that is hidden from everyone but them

The one look you share that shows that you care.


What happened to that kiss?

The one that you least expect;

That gives you butterflies

That special kiss that makes your whole day better

And keeps that blush and smile on your face all day


What happened to love? The real kind;

The kind that lasts forever

The kind that never gets old; Never gets boring

The kind of love that makes you think you belong

The love that makes you feel special

That brings out the real you?


What happened to true love?

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