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If only, only if

By: StephandBrutusandIzzy

Page 1, I think I was going for: If only he knew what he meant to me, and how much I liked him. I don\'t know. Read it and you\'ll get it.

If only you see the way I look at you
Only if you knew what you meant to me
You would know that you take up most of my heart
And that I care for you
That I really like you
You would be shocked
You probably don’t even know I exist
Let alone like you
So why bother?
Because I really like you, that is why
If only you know that I can’t get you off my mind
Only if you would ask me out
Then I would be on cloud nine
We would be so good for each other
Way better than whom you’re with
I really like you
You make me feel different
You can always put a smile on my face
You really understand me
We’re meant to be
If only you knew me more than just that girl
Only if you would give me a chance
I would prove them wrong
I would show you who I really was
And we would be perfect together!

We could show the whole world
How good we would be as a couple
I could show you a whole meaning of love
We would be so happy
If only you knew and only if you would give it a try!

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