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My heart is that crack in the sidewalk that you walk on everyday

By: StephandBrutusandIzzy

Page 1, Ah, I don\'t even know. I was just thinking about crushes and stuff. So enjoy :)

Couldn’t you have been able to tell?
That I was totally head over heals for you?
And then you tell me you’re dating and her
I was really crushed at that
My heart was broken into pieces!
Everyone knew I liked you
But you evidently
I can’t believe you couldn’t tell
I showed you all the signs!
You just weren’t paying attention then?

I cared for you
I had a lot of feelings for you
But I guess I’m just a friend
Not the girl you could possibly date
But anyways you’re cruel!
How could you not tell?
It was everywhere!
And pretty much obvious!
Should I have just said hey you! I love you?
Would that had gave you a big hint?!
Anyways that is the beauty of crushes
You can move on the next guy
I mean nobody said it would be easy
So why did I assume that it would be?
Because I’m a sucker for a happy ending!
Life would have been better if you knew
But maybe there’s a reason why you didn’t
Who knows? Why did I get all work up over you?
What was I thinking, why would a guy like you date a girl like me?
That is it, I wasn’t thinking clearly. I was love struck!

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